Canada Day

2018 is going by fast. Canada Day is on Sunday.  As we enter this long weekend holiday, while enjoying all the festivities, spending time with friends and family, I would urge everyone to remember our founders who worked hard to create this great country. We would not have a Canada if it weren’t for them.

Take a few moments this weekend from all the fireworks and BBQ’s to do some homework about our founding.  The Canada we have today is not the Canada our fathers of Confederation had envisioned.  They had envisioned a land where there would be the freedom to speak our mind, freedom to worship the way  we see fit, the freedom to express our opinions and God was supreme.

Today we have lost a lot of our freedoms.  M-103 for example punishes anyone who would criticize Islam.  The Trudeau government has denied pro life groups funding from the Canada Summer Jobs program.   The supreme court just ruled against Trinity Western University regarding opening a new law school.

I don’t think this is what our Fathers wanted. I don’t think it’s what most of us want either for our country.

Don’t forget it’s OK to be patriotic. Wave your flag, sing the anthem, celebrate but also remember!

Have a great Canada Day!


My Plea To Ontarians

A we all know Ontario goes to the polls in a few days.  If you live in this great land of Canada you must be living under a rock.  This post is directed to voters in that province.

Kathleen Wynne Liberals have been in power for many years now and have left your province very much wanting.  You need someone who will get your province back on track. As you very well know you have been basically the economic engine since the beginning. In recent years the policies of the Liberals that economic engine has been in decline and it does affect all of us in the rest of the country.

I believe you can get back on track which helps the rest of us as well. A few days ago Kathleen Wynne has basically conceded she won’t be Premier Thursday going forward. So it looks like it’s a two way race now between Andrea Horwath’s NDP vs Doug Ford’s PC’s.

As an Albertan I plead with you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not vote NDP!  We made that mistake 3 years ago and many of us have come to regret it.  We have lost more than 100,000 jobs in the province, a lot in the oil and gas sector but it’s across all sectors. A lot of small businesses have had to close their doors because of our carbon tax and the hike in the minimum wage. You good folks in Ontario deserve better than what you’ve  had. Andrea Horwath and the NDP are not going to make things better for you, in fact they’ll make them WORSE.


Our oil and gas industry is in the doldrums. Many companies have canceled projects and moved else where.  Premier  Rachel Notley has done nothing to get any pipelines built even though she talks a good game, it’s just that, just talk.  She doesn’t mean it. Her support for the Trans Mountain is just smoke and mirrors as we have an election in a year.  In fact she is against pipelines. She protested against them before she became Premier.

We have an uncontrollable deficit and a debt that’s approaching $100 billion with no end in sight.  When they came to power we had a debt of about $7 billion and a deficit of  around $5 billion which was quite manageable.

Our health care system is crumbling, our education system is a mess. This is what life with NDP has brought us.  We have never been in such a bad predicament as we are now since the inception of Alberta in 1905.

Doug Ford and the PC’s are your best option to improve your province.  They may not be perfect but I believe they would work hard to bring some common sense back.

So if you in Ontario can get the job done later this week, on to Alberta here to take our province back then we can all look forward and work together to take our country back October 2019.

Get out and vote folks, the survival of your province is at stake!  Good luck, we’ll all be watching.

Notley NDP Rack Up A Mammoth Debt

Every Albertan needs to be outraged by the latest budget that was tabled yesterday and it’s bad. 

It ends up we have a whopping $96 billion, yes “billion” in debt and we won’t be back to balance until 2023-24.  The interest on the debt right now we have to pay is $2 billion right now and estimated to go up  as much as $5 billion a year and no real plan to pay it down.

As  UCP leader Jason Kenny says in a recent tweet:

Some will say it’s a revenue problem. NO, it’s a spending problem. This was completely preventable.  Plus, GET THE PIPELINES BUILT!

What makes this really bad is that it was done on the backs of future generations.  They’re going to have to pay for it.



Is Justin On His Way Out According to Angus Reid

Image result for justin trudeau

You all know how I feel about political polls. I believe polls should be taken with a grain of salt but at the same time they can be somewhat informative depending on the methodology etc.

Political polls are really not much good outside an election cycle.  They are just a snapshot in time and do give an indication what voters are thinking at the time.  In politics everything change overnight. But the latest poll out from Angus Reid paints a positive picture for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives and for the Justin Trudeau Liberals, well it seems Canadians are starting to wake up and see Justin for what he really is especially given the fiasco of the trip to India where he essentially played Mr. Dress up where he used his children as props. The international media mocked him, what an embarrassment!

The Angus Reid poll shows the Conservatives are ten points ahead and the Liberals falling.

Even though this polls looks good for Conservatives, they could actually win a majority government if the election were held today. We have to remember the election is a year and a half year away and as we all know, anything can happen.  Just one week is an eternity in politics.

Don’t forget too that there will be anti-conservative foreign funded groups trying to influence the election as was found out what happened during the election in 2015.  There will be again, it’s already starting to influence the Ontario election which is to take place this June.

“During the 2015 election, Leadnow’s Vote Together campaign connected millions of people who wanted change with the information and tools they needed to defeat the Harper Conservatives.”

So there you go.  There’s also the media to think of.  They are an entity onto themselves. They hate conservatives and will as always campaign against us too.  Just because the polls look good now, don’t get too excited.  Think about it, there’s a whole list Andrew Scheer has to fight against.

1. Liberals

2. NDP

3. Media Party

4. Third party foreign funded anti-conservative advocacy groups

Liberals and NDP only have to fight against us and each other.  All these things we need to consider.  I’m hopeful.  I think Canadians are waking up and if Justin keeps up with all his foolishness…..I don’t see any indication it’s going to stop….Andrew has a good chance of becoming our Prime Minister Oct. 2019.


Caution On The Latest Poll Showing Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives Ahead

There has been a poll that just came out in the last few days that show the Conservative Party jumping ahead of the Liberals.  In that Forum Research poll it shows the CPC is at 43% vs LPC 38%

Toronto, January 31st – In a random sampling of public opinion taken by The Forum Poll™ among 1408 Canadian voters, amongst those decided and leaning, Conservative support has risen significantly and now 4 in 10 (43%) say they would support Scheer’s party if an election were held today. Just under 4 in 10 (38%) say they would support Trudeau’s Liberals. Conservative support (43%) is up four points over December (Dec 15: 39%). Liberal support (38%) is unchanged since December (Dec 15: 38%). Support for the NDP is just over 1 in 10 (12%) and, like the Liberals, hasn’t changed at all since December (Dec 15: 12%). Few say they would support the Green (3%), which is almost half what their support was in December (Dec 15: 5%), the Bloc sees a similar decline (3%) (Dec 15: 6%). Almost no one says they would support another party (0%).

This poll looks great and it seems the people are waking up but I would add a word of caution. Let’s not get too excited.  The election is over a year away and any poll is just a snapshot in time. You know what they say that a week in politics is an eternity.  Anything can happen.

Also we need to see more polls to see if this is a trend or if it’s just outlier.   Yes  this current poll is good news and great for our moral but there is much still  to do.

It’s clear that Justin Trudeau and his party are out of touch with Canadians that everything they’re doing is harming the country at every turn.  Trudeau himself is arrogant and keeps making gaffe after gaffe. Even with all the mistakes the Liberals are making, we cannot rely on that.  The CPC numbers are up but as this poll also found was that  voters still don’t know much about Andrew Scheer so he needs to get out there and make a little noise. Hob knob with regular voters, maybe some town halls or meet and greets etc.

Andrew Scheer sees approval from just over one-quarter (28%) and disapproval of the same proportion (29%). To the plurality, however, (43%) he remains an unknown, with the respondent saying do not know. His net favourable score is -1. Scheer’s support is effectively unchanged since December, with his approval (Dec 15: 28%) and disapproval (Dec 15: 28%) basically unmoved.

We cannot rely on the media to help us, they basically are in the tank for the Liberals so it’s up to us to keep waking people up with the truth.  There’s no excuse for any conservative out there not to pitch in.  We have countless resources at our disposal, we need to use them. The best resource we have is our brain and our mouth.  Let’s get to work!




Rachel Notley Admitted She Fibbed About the Carbon Tax During Election 2015

Since 2017 we’ve had a carbon tax imposed upon us in Alberta. January 1st of this year,2018 it increased by 50%.  She now admits she lied to us during the election in 2015 about carbon tax

Notley said as part the 2015 election campaign her party ran “on the fact we need to take climate change seriously.” But Notley acknowledged a carbon tax was not mentioned at that time, something opposition critics have focused on.

“We just talked about climate change, and most people understand that pricing carbon is a fundamental part of addressing climate change,” said Notley.

The thing is she never mentioned anything about a carbon during the campaign therefore she has no mandate to impose it on us.  Rachel Notley and her wrecking crew are destroying the province. They believe they’re doing the right thing by imposing this job killing tax.  It makes everything more expensive and more jobs will be lost. What more has the Notley crew not been quite honest about?  Notley and her wrecking crew just simply can’t be trusted.