Caution On The Latest Poll Showing Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives Ahead

There has been a poll that just came out in the last few days that show the Conservative Party jumping ahead of the Liberals.  In that Forum Research poll it shows the CPC is at 43% vs LPC 38%

Toronto, January 31st – In a random sampling of public opinion taken by The Forum Poll™ among 1408 Canadian voters, amongst those decided and leaning, Conservative support has risen significantly and now 4 in 10 (43%) say they would support Scheer’s party if an election were held today. Just under 4 in 10 (38%) say they would support Trudeau’s Liberals. Conservative support (43%) is up four points over December (Dec 15: 39%). Liberal support (38%) is unchanged since December (Dec 15: 38%). Support for the NDP is just over 1 in 10 (12%) and, like the Liberals, hasn’t changed at all since December (Dec 15: 12%). Few say they would support the Green (3%), which is almost half what their support was in December (Dec 15: 5%), the Bloc sees a similar decline (3%) (Dec 15: 6%). Almost no one says they would support another party (0%).

This poll looks great and it seems the people are waking up but I would add a word of caution. Let’s not get too excited.  The election is over a year away and any poll is just a snapshot in time. You know what they say that a week in politics is an eternity.  Anything can happen.

Also we need to see more polls to see if this is a trend or if it’s just outlier.   Yes  this current poll is good news and great for our moral but there is much still  to do.

It’s clear that Justin Trudeau and his party are out of touch with Canadians that everything they’re doing is harming the country at every turn.  Trudeau himself is arrogant and keeps making gaffe after gaffe. Even with all the mistakes the Liberals are making, we cannot rely on that.  The CPC numbers are up but as this poll also found was that  voters still don’t know much about Andrew Scheer so he needs to get out there and make a little noise. Hob knob with regular voters, maybe some town halls or meet and greets etc.

Andrew Scheer sees approval from just over one-quarter (28%) and disapproval of the same proportion (29%). To the plurality, however, (43%) he remains an unknown, with the respondent saying do not know. His net favourable score is -1. Scheer’s support is effectively unchanged since December, with his approval (Dec 15: 28%) and disapproval (Dec 15: 28%) basically unmoved.

We cannot rely on the media to help us, they basically are in the tank for the Liberals so it’s up to us to keep waking people up with the truth.  There’s no excuse for any conservative out there not to pitch in.  We have countless resources at our disposal, we need to use them. The best resource we have is our brain and our mouth.  Let’s get to work!





Rachel Notley Admitted She Fibbed About the Carbon Tax During Election 2015

Since 2017 we’ve had a carbon tax imposed upon us in Alberta. January 1st of this year,2018 it increased by 50%.  She now admits she lied to us during the election in 2015 about carbon tax

Notley said as part the 2015 election campaign her party ran “on the fact we need to take climate change seriously.” But Notley acknowledged a carbon tax was not mentioned at that time, something opposition critics have focused on.

“We just talked about climate change, and most people understand that pricing carbon is a fundamental part of addressing climate change,” said Notley.

The thing is she never mentioned anything about a carbon during the campaign therefore she has no mandate to impose it on us.  Rachel Notley and her wrecking crew are destroying the province. They believe they’re doing the right thing by imposing this job killing tax.  It makes everything more expensive and more jobs will be lost. What more has the Notley crew not been quite honest about?  Notley and her wrecking crew just simply can’t be trusted.


My Advice For Andrew Scheer



First of all I would like to wish everyone Happy New Year!  I haven’t posted liked I hope I would when I started this blog back up but I got very busy and then I got sick.  Life just got in the way.  It’s a new year now and time to fire this site on a more regular basis.  Now back to the point I wanted to make on this post…..

Andrew Scheer was chosen leader of the Conservative Party of Canada last spring. He doesn’t seem to catching on with the voters like he should be if he really wants to be the next PM in 2019.  He barely won the leadership by a razor thin margin with just a few votes over “Mad Max,” Maxime Bernier.  We have more than 1 year until the next federal election and much work to do if  we want to make sure Justin Trudeau does not get a second term, he’s been a total disaster.

We can’t just allow Trudeau to get even a minority government because the NDP will prop the Liberals up. More disaster for Canada.  Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives MUST win a majority.  Here are a few of my suggestions.

1. Don’t try and curry favor with the media.  We all know the main stream media hates conservatives. They will always hate conservatives.  Be civil but call them out when need be.  Use the media to your advantage.

2. He must not be afraid to come out with some bold conservative ideas. Maybe get Maxime Bernier to help, he had some good ideas that were different and bold.  Andrew needs to remember that he won the leadership by just a razor’s edge.

3. Put Canada first. I think most Canadians are sick and tired of the current government putting Canada and Canadians last catering and giving our money away to almost everyone else but their own country just to obtain a seat on the UN security council.

4. Don’t go Liberal lite.  That will only alienate supporters.  Why go for liberal lite when you can have the real deal with the Liberal Party  Offer the voters a real alternative.

5.This goes for all Conservatives, get a back bone and fight back when  being attacked.  The media and opponents always like to set a false narratives meant to destroy us that Andrew and his team need to get ahead of and stop when anything negative comes out.  In the past Conservatives have always been cowardly and allowed those lies fester until it’s almost too late to counter especially in this day and age of the 24hr. news cycle and 15 second sound bites.  By time the fake news is countered, the public has already formed an opinion.  Sometimes it’s ok to take the gloves off.

6. Listen to regular people not the elites. We the regular people are the most affected by government policy. We are the ones who pay the bills through our earned money that is taken from us through various forms of taxation.

7. Get some fire in the belly, some passion!  I sense he’s lacking in that department somewhat. I’m not denying he doesn’t love this country and is not patriotic. I’m sure he is but he needs to show it more.

8. Communications. One thing the Conservative Party has always been terrible at. They’re not good at getting their message out.  I have to admit the left has done a good job in that area.  They appeal to the emotions.  Voters like to be heard on a personal level.  Show you care.  Speak the voter’s language, that’s how you connect.

9. Be humble. Don’t put yourself on a pedestal. We have enough of that arrogance and narcissism right now and we are sick of it!

Scheer’s CPC cannot just take for granted because of Trudeau and his government’s incompetency and ethical issues that keep cropping up that alone is going hand him the keys to the Prime Minister’s office. He has an uphill battle.  He has to fight and counter not only the Liberals  but the media and other groups that will be out in full force with lies and innuendo. It will take a  lot of hard work not just from  the leader but for the entire team including us, the grass root supporters.  We need to let Andrew and the party brass know what our concerns are but we need to show our support as well and we have to start now if we want a chance of ridding the country of the Trudeau regime and the damage he’s doing to this great country.


Alberta’s Economy Not As Rosy As The NDP Wants To Portray

Rachel Notley’s NDP wants you to believe that our economy in Alberta is improving but that’s really not the case. Finance Minister Ceci claims in his fiscal update that after a two year recession the province emerged with a 4% growth due to hiring freeze in the public sector and no raises in the unions.

Ceci said Alberta had emerged with four per cent growth from two years of recession and the government now intended to reduce spending, in part through a public-sector hiring freeze and a push for no raises in negotiations with unions.

He also tried to portray as good news that our deficit for 2017-18 would be $10.3 billion instead $10.4 billion what they estimated in the budget last spring.

The move follows Finance Minister Joe Ceci’s Tuesday release of the province’s second-quarter fiscal update, which sees the deficit for 2017-18 projected at $10.3 billion — a slight improvement from the spring budget’s estimated $10.4 billion.

Oh and by the end of the year our debt (drum roll), will up to a measly $42 billion.  Isn’t that great?

He said the NDP government is continuing Alberta’s long-standing reliance on resource revenues, while high levels of borrowing are driving up the provincial debt, expected to top $42 billion by the end of this year.

Wow, everything is coming up roses except for Rating agency DBRS Ltd, one of three credit agencies, just downgraded out credit rating again from AA+ to AA which is not good.

Rating agency DBRS Ltd. announced Wednesday that it had downgraded Alberta’s rating from AA (high) to AA, while maintaining a negative outlook for the province.

The other two agencies S&P Global Ratings and Moody’s have downgraded our credit rating before, that being in May S&P gave us a rating A+ down two notches from the rating they gave us before.

The most recent downgrade came from S&P in May, as it lowered Alberta’s rating two notches, from AA to A+.

So despite all the rhetoric the NDP is spewing that they want to believe the Alberta economy is not in good shape.

Is the oil and gas industry booming? No!

Is investment coming back to the province? No!

Are businesses booming and hiring? No!

The fact is the NDP are not telling us the truth and the longer they’re in office the more they are wrecking the province.

Dental Implant Update

As I stated in my previous post, I have been rather busy the last few months so I really haven’t posted anything on this blog. It’s time though I updated ya’ll about my dental implant journey.  To recap, over three years ago I had periodontal disease and some teeth missing so I had to have extractions and get dentures. At that time I opted for the all of four plan on the bottom which is a denture supported with four implants.  It worked out great never had even one problem.

Two years ago I wanted implants on the top. I was afraid of bone loss.  My prosthodontist placed six instead of four because at that time he felt the bone was a little soft at the time. Well to make a long story short, those implants never integrated so he had to remove them.   Fast forward currently, I had  replaced the implants that failed with new ones at the end of June. After a few months of healing, in October I had a scan that showed the current implants were integrating with the bone. These ones are more successful.  Last week I went in and had them exposed. Now I’m healing from that getting ready for the final prosthesis.

It’s been quite a process that has tried my patience at times. There have been ups and downs but one thing I can say I’ve learned many things dental related and hope to help others going through similar situations. I went through this for a reason and hopefully through my experience I can help ease a lot concern others out there may have.  I don’t know maybe I will devote a separate blog just dealing with dental issues.

Conservative Supporters, It’s Time to Get our Act Together

I know I haven’t posted in a long, long time.  I’ve had a lot going on in my life the passed few months. I finally had my dental implants replaced on top earlier and am still going through the process and healing, was busy with family issues, gardening and other things.  I will do a separate post about the dental implants and how that’s going but this post is really about how we conservative supporters both in Alberta and federally get our act together and start to work hard towards defeating Rachel Notley and her wrecking and Justin Trudeau and his cabal in the up coming elections in 2019.  I know it seems like still a long ways off but really it isn’t, both elections will be here before we know it and there is much to do. It takes time to prepare.  The Alberta provincial election will be in the spring of 2019 and the federal election will be October 21, 2019.

Both Notley and Trudeau have done so much damage we cannot tolerate another term of either of them.  We cannot allow either one of them to get re-elected.  If you look the latest polls, they look fairly well for conservatives both federally and provincially but we must take the polls as a grain of salt and not rest on our laurels. To take things for granted will not get Jason Kenny’s UCP or Andrew Scheer’s CPC elected.  Both of them need every grassroot conservative soldier on the ground to work hard starting now!

Each one of us can do something.  Join your local electoral district riding association and get involved. Call the UCP HQ and or CPC HQ ask what you can do to help. Maybe you can knock on doors or make phone calls. Or maybe you can help get the vote out on election day.  You can get the message out by speaking directly to your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and relatives.  Call into the talk shows. Start a blog, get on Periscope, Youtube, etc.  Whenever there is a rally near you, try and attend and show your support. The fact is we must all do our part.  We cannot sit back, do nothing, and hope that everything works out. If each one of us do something we will win, if we don’t well you can easily predict the outcome.

We have to be prepared for unions, special interest groups etc. that spending a lot of money trying to prevent Jason Kenny’s UCP and Andrew Scheer’s CPC from gaining office.  We have to be ready to counteract.

Don’t forget also we have the media against us.  They hate conservatives and will actively campaign against us in favor of their party and leader on the left. Be ready for the lies, the spin, the out right fake news.  We’re going to have anticipate it and be ready to immediately fight back with the truth getting it out there and making it go viral.

I think for all you Ontarians, you have an eletction next year.  You have your chance to get rid of Kathleen Wynne. You must not let grass grow under your feet if you want to defeat her. You must get busy. I’m sure unions etc. will be in full force in Ontario as well to make sure Patrick Brown’s PC’s don’t elected.

So conservatives, gird your loins and get ready for battle! We have to take the country back! Don’t be afraid to stand up for your province and your country. Don’t be afraid to show your patriotism!