The Alberta Carbon Tax

We are day 5 into our new carbon tax in Alberta that the NDP Notley government has imposed on us where everything is costing more.  It’s hitting every pocket book in the province. Sure there will some rebates but overall it will be bad for our economy.   Won’t be much help if you ask me.

cbrThey claim the cost of indirect goods and services will only cost around $50-$70 per household.

The government pegs the indirect costs for higher prices on goods and services at around $50 to $70 per household this year. Already some companies have alerted clients of higher prices due to the carbon tax.

NDP do not know how to do math very well. I think  goods and services will cost much more.

They also claim that we will soon see benefits.  Benefits?  Yeah right!  Benefits to Notley and her wrecking crew. Like more job losses, more money leaving the province and poverty?  The devastation of the oil and gas industry?  It’s exactly what they’re looking for, to shut down the oil and gas industry.

According to Sheila Gun Reid from the Rebel Media, Greenhouses and farmers are really going to feel the pinch even with a little tax relief.

This not about reducing emissions. This is about idealogy.  They are socialists who want to take your money, make you poor so that you have to depend on government to take care of you. They are anti-oil even the Premier herself is anti-oil.nlyantol This tax along with all the other things that Notley and her wrecking crew are doing is hurting Alberta.  There already is high unemployment even before the tax. They have been racking up our debt and deficit to where very soon, it will be unmanageable. Investment is leaving and going else where.  Who in their right mind is going to invest in Alberta right now? There will a lot of bankruptcies.  Businesses and industry will be moving out.   Not good for a province who just a few short years ago was keeping the whole country afloat.   But then again it’s socialists in charge.  It’s what you expect.   The next election can’t come soon enough.

Update: Calgary community center turning off  heat to save money.



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