My Advice to the Conservative Leadership Candidates



The Conservative Party of Canada will choose their new leader in May.  They need to choose a good leader who will not only be able to defeat Justin Trudeau and his incompetent government, but also be able to clean the mess and bring some sanity back to the nation.  I have some advice for you candidates if you want to keep, grow the base and win.

Be a real small c conservative.  Adopting leftist policies will not work. You will alienate the base plus come the general election,the electorate will see you as Liberal lite and will vote for the real Liberals.  They’ll see no difference in the parties. Here is my list of what I would like to see you do to differentiate yourself from the Liberals and that’s basically freedom and liberty.

Encourage  free speech.  Everyone has the right to offend and be offended. 

Promote and make sure pipelines get built.

Get rid of the job killing taxes and regulations, including the Carbon tax.  Instead lower taxes, simplify the tax code and  bring back Income Splitting, maybe even bring in a Flat Tax.

Get rid of all the corporate welfare. No crony capitalism at all.

Don’t sell our sovereignty to the UN or bad trade deals.  Actually let’s get out of the UN entirely.  Bilateral trade deals are better instead of the multilateral ones. Get rid of the globalist agendas.

Kill all those climate change deals. They hurt our sovereignty as well as our economy plus the science is not really settled.

Kill Supply Management

Defund the CBC, privatize it.

Privatize Canada Post

Get rid of the CRTC

Go back to the Gold Standard

Scrap the Indian Act

Get rid of Equalization Program even if you have to open up the Constitution.

Get rid of the Canada Health Act and allow the provinces to offer at least some private healthcare. The current system isn’t working, to do something.

Allow more  gun freedom.

Strengthen our immigration laws by doing thorough vetting and allowing just those immigrants who have the skills we need to enhance our economy.  New immigrants must also integrate and be able to be functional in either official language.

Protect our unborn. Allow free debates on the issue.  We have more laws protecting animals than we our children.

We still need reform in the Senate. Even if you have to open up the Constitution we need an Elected, Effective and Equal senate. 

We need real strong justice system where the truly bad criminals stay in prison for a long time. Life should mean life.

Instead of bashing each other, focus on the real enemy, Justin Trudeau.

Go over the heads of the media filter and speak directly to the public.  Forget about trying to appease the mainstream media, they’re never going like you anyway. They’re never going to give you a fair hearing. Besides the regular media is starting to become irrelevant.   Don’t be afraid to call the media out when they need it. The internet is becoming an invaluable tool. Use it more. That’s where things are happening.  That’s where you’ll find a growing audience.  If you want to attract the youth, that’s where you’ll find them, on social media.

Quit trying to be politically correct.  Be honest and tell it like it is.  Everyday Canadians appreciate a politician, who is honest and  not mealy mouthed and being afraid that you’re going to offend somebody and tells it like it is. Voters feel more connected to someone like that, someone who speaks their language.  Don’t worry about offending someone because is always going to be offended regardless.

Just tell the truth and my goodness just be conservative!

Freedom and liberty are vital for a nation to be successful and thrive.  Remember these quotes from a couple of great men.

Canada is free and freedom is its nationality.”Sir Wilfrid Laurier

“I am a friend to liberty, but with me liberty does not mean license. A free people is not one without laws or checks; a free people is one among whom all the attributes, all the rights of the members of the State are clearly defined and determined and among whom there is no encroachment of one power upon another. That is the true liberty. Sir Wilfrid Laurier

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”Ronald Reagan




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