Coal Phase Out Not Going to Help



The Fraser Institute just put out a report that I hope but  doubt it, that Rachel Notley listens to.  The report states that phasing out coal is not going help with emissions or health. In fact it won’t make a lick bit of difference because there is no such thing as dirty coal anymore.  There have been new technology that has actually been around for about 20 years.

Joining News Talk 770’s Rob Breakenridge on Tuesday, Ken Green, an environmental scientist and senior director of natural resource studies at the Fraser Institute, said the concept of ‘dirty coal’ is out of date.

“The technologies to burn coal pretty much cleanly have existed for 20 years,” Green said.

“Scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators, and things like that, have really taken the ‘dirty’ out of dirty coal.”

With Premier Notley’s phase out, Hanna Alberta, a small town of a population of 2700, will be hit hard.  Nearly 200 jobs will be lost.

A government-appointed panel created last September is expected to visit towns affected by the phase-out before the spring, but local Wildrose MLA Rick Strankman wants the Alberta government to host a town hall in Hanna.

“Its important that the people have sense of closure to what the government is going to bring forward,” he said.

Strankman said a meeting would help the province understand the impact of the loss of nearly 200 coal-related jobs.

This coal phase out doesn’t need to be. All of this is unnecessary. Jobs don’t need to be lost.  It’s just about Premier Notley and her wrecking crew and their ideology.  All this phasing out of plenty, cheap and readily available to be replaced with renewables.  The renewables are not cost efficient and are unreliable. The technology is not there.  They have to be subsidized by the taxpayer and  drive up the cost of running business putting hardworking people out of work.  This is ruining our economy for what?  For nothing really!  Just to make us all poor.

How about we start phasing Notley and her crew out of office?


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