Assisted Suicide Could Save Money



Global News reports that a new study by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) could save the health care system $34.7 to $138.8 million yearly.

In a study posted Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), researchers found medically assisted death could reduce overall spending by $34.7 to $138.8 million annually.

That’s far above the estimated $1.5 to $14.8 million in costs connected with providing a medically assisted death.

I have a problem with this and I will explain why.  I see this as more about the money rather than alleviating pain and suffering not that I’m ok with pain suffering, I’m not. I hate to see anyone suffer just as much or even more than anyone nor am I not against saving money, I’m very much in favor of savings but there are better ways to cut costs and save money.

I see this as a slippery slope. We are becoming a culture of death.  Today it’s just for those who are terminal and truly suffering and there is no hope. Tomorrow what’s next, the elderly, those with downs syndrome, or anyone who is not a productive citizen of society?  I’m a person of faith and I believe the it’s God who gives life.  It’s up Him to choose when to end it.  We humans are flawed and often make mistakes and even sometimes do things for evil purposes besides there is palliative care where there are treatments and medications to help alleviate a lot of that pain and suffering.

Here we have an example of a young woman who the doctors claimed she was brain dead and in a coma come back to life.

A Reno, Nevada student is celebrating her 21st birthday this January – five months after doctors thought she was brain dead from alcohol poisoning.

Hanna Lottritz, a journalism student at the University of Nevada, Reno, shared her story at The Huffington Post to encourage young adults to drink responsibly, but her story also points to the potentially life-threatening dangers of a “brain death” misdiagnosis.

Lottritz collapsed on July 26, 2015, at a music festival in Nevada after agreeing to a drinking competition with a male friend, according to the report. The 20-year-old student, who calls herself competitive, said they played to see who could take the longest chug from a bottle of whiskey. Friends said she collapsed several minutes later, after taking another drink of alcohol.

Not breathing, Lottritz was flown to the hospital by helicopter. When she arrived, her blood alcohol concentration was five times over the legal limit at .41, she said.

“I was in critical condition, suffering from acute respiratory failure and acute alcohol intoxication,” she explained on her blog. “The doctors thought I was brain dead because I was completely unresponsive. My pupils were sluggishly reactive, I had no corneal reflex and I wasn’t responding to verbal or painful stimuli.”

Lottritz later shared a photo of herself sprawled on a bed and unresponsive in the emergency room of the Reno, Nevada hospital. She wrote, “… the ventilator was breathing for me. I was completely unresponsive.”

After 24 hours, Lottritz woke up from her coma. She said that she had to be given a respiratory test twice before the hospital staff would remove the ventilator.

“When I passed the second test and the tube was taken out, the doctors and nurses told me how lucky I was to be alive,” Lottritz wrote in a cautionary piece to other college students about heavy drinking. “They told me that they didn’t think I would make it through the night. They asked me if I was trying to kill myself by drinking so much. This question hit me the hardest.”

She turned 21 on Jan. 7. The student said she planned to have dinner with friends and family – “and maybe a glass of wine.”

Had Lottritz been declared brain dead and her doctors determined to pull the plug on her ventilator, she would not be alive today.

Jahi McMath, a young girl declared brain dead, remains alive more than two years after doctors tried to take her off life support. McMath’s family launched a legal battle against the hospital to keep her alive. LifeNews reported that at least three doctors so far say that the young girl, who remains in a hospital, is not brain dead.

Where there’s life there’s hope!  Please choose life!



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