Brian Jean In Favor of Uniting the Right





It looks like uniting the right in Alberta to defeat  the NDP in 2019 is closer to to happening.  Wildrose leader Brian Jean stated yesterday he was in favor of bringing the PC’s and the Wildrose together to form a new conservative party but with conditions in which I fully agree with. He says a majority of his party want unity so he’s on board.   PC leadership candidate Jason Kenny is also working on  the PC side to bring the two parties together.   Brian also indicated he would run to be leader of the new party.

Jean is now foursquare behind one united conservative party if Jason Kenney becomes leader of the Progressive Conservatives in March and comes knocking on Wildrose’s door.

Jean himself says a majority of his own party want unity. He is on board with unity.

In fact, Jean is so much for unity, he throws his hat in the ring for the top job of a united conservative party in a race he says will happen this summer.

That is, if Wildrosers approve a unity agreement with the PCs.

“Let me be clear on this point. I plan to be Alberta’s next premier,” says Jean, in a seven and a half minute video released Thursday.

He proposes conditions for unity.

The first is to “preserve Wildrose’s legal framework as the foundation for a single consolidated conservative party governed by the grassroots.”

Preserve Wildrose’s legal framework? It’s not quite clear what that means.

The province’s chief electoral officer says one option could be for one party to deregister or become inactive with its members joining the other party.

That party could then apply for a new name.

Kenney says he’s “not going to get into legal argy-bargy at this point.” The PCs haven’t even decided to come to the table yet.

Jean wants all members — Wildrose and PCs — to be respected as equals.

Members will decide the new name.

Jean says the leader of the new party must be in place by the fall.

Jean worries about Notley calling an early election while conservatives figure out how to be in one party again.

“Our party’s survival has been put at risk by that type of cynical and jaded politics in the past.”

The Wildrose leader says the new party “must be committed, firmly, to the principles and common sense policies that have driven the Wildrose party.”

You know, individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, religious and civil liberty, equality of opportunity …

There are certain things that have to happen before we see a new united conservative party in Alberta.

Jason Kenny needs to be elected leader of the PC’s

Both parties need hold a vote within the membership

If memberships from both parties are in favor of a merger, the process will begin to form this new party.

-both parties need to be dissolved

-founding principals, constitution needs to be figured out

-figuring out what happens to funds raised both within the Wildrose and PC’s

-a new name for the new party

-both leaders will step down from their respective parties and a new leader and executive etc. for the new party will be chosen

-and much more

So you can see there is much to be done before we have a new conservative party in Alberta in place.  If you are a conservative in Alberta you should get behind this merger so we can get rid of the Notley regime and their destructive policies totally destroy this province.

By the way, I think the name of the new party should be “The Conservative Party of Alberta.”  What do you think?  Just no progressive in the name.




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