Freedom of Speech is in Peril



Parliament is about to vote on Motion103 that will strip away at our freedom of speech.  It’s tantamount to an Islamic blasphemy law.  It will be voted on in the next few days. According to a report from the Rebel, the government claims there’s an increase in Islamophobia. There has been no input from the public on this motion either,that’s why it’s so dangerous.  It’s just one step closer to Sharia law which has no place in Canada.

Canada is on the verge of passing what amounts to Islamic blasphemy laws.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Government is quickly proceeding to address unproven increases of “Islamophobia”— and he’s going to do it by curbing the right to free speech.

The government’s anti-Islamophobia initiative began in the form of a seemingly innocuous online petition presented to Canada’s House of Commons. Citing no evidence whatsoever, the petition made a bold claim that Islamic terrorism has been used as a pretext for a “notable rise of anti-Muslim sentiment in Canada”. 

The petition called upon the House of Commons to recognize that terrorists are not real Muslims by condemning all forms of Islamophobia, with no exact definition of what they meant by the term. 

That request — with no evidence, not a single case of Islamophobia cited, virtually no public input, and zero attention from the mainstream media — received unanimous consent by Canadian MPs. 

If you’re like me, you cherish our freedom of speech. There still is time. Put pressure on your MP to vote NO on Motion 103!


Here is the exact wording of the motion taking from a Parliamentary website.m103Here is the exact wording of the motion taking from a Parliamentary website.






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