Dental Implants

I used to have a blog that focused on my dental journey. After a while nothing was happening, I nothing to report so I wasn’t posting anymore.  I love writing so I started this blog on all kinds of issues, right now primarily about politics. I have many interests.

Things are happening again and I thought that it’s about time I should use this blog to share and inform  you all about my dental journey so you hopefully you can learn from my experiences. Everyone at some time or another had to deal with some kind of dental issue.  I will go into more detail later in future posts, hopefully weekly starting from the beginning of my journey, up to what’s going on currently.   Here is a quick summary.

April 2014 is when my dental journey began. I had full extractions done and all on four implant system placed on the bottom arch with secured denture and a regular denture on the top.  All was successful. September 2015, I had six implants placed on the top arch all of which failed.  My dentist had to remove them.

So fast forward to today.  I have decided to try and go for it again.  Last      Wednesday I visited my dentist to see about  seeing if replacing the implants that failed would be feasible.  It went well.  My dentist took a full CT Scan of my mouth and determined that I am a good candidate. They couldn’t give me an estimate, date or any protocol etc. that day because my dentist has just started a new clinic and because I will be having IV sedation, they is not yet set up for that.  I was promised though that I would hear something in the next week or two. So it seems it’s most likely a go which is good news and something I’m looking forward to.  I have a good feeling about this and know this time the new implants will work.  As soon as I have more information I will post an update.

My next  post will start at the very beginning of this process.








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