M103 is Passed, Now What?

Yesterday Motion 103, the anti-Islamophobia motion passed in the House of Commons 201-91. It was clearly against most Canadians wishes. What now? Listen to this response from Faith Goldy.


You can actually find out who voted for this travesty and who didn’t. One thing to note is Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister was too cowardly to show up.  If you go here you can see.

If they voted against M103 call them and thank them. If they in favor, call them and let them know you will be actively campaigning against them.  One thing to note two Conservative MPs voted on the yay side. Michael Chong and Bruce Stanton. By the way Michael Chong is one of the candidates in the Conservative leadership race to become leader. He is no conservative.  We must not allow him to take the reins of the party.

We may have lost this battle folks but it’s not over yet. We must keep fighting on.  We must keep the pressure on the MPs no matter what party. We must support MPs and candidates who are against the creeping sharia that seems to be happening in our great country.

There are five  by-elections coming up on April 3. By elections are generally low key and have very low turn out at the polls. With this vote, it’s important that you get involved and make sure the right candidate is elected into the House who will vote the will of the people. If you live in one of  these five ridings do some homework and find out how each of those candidates would have voted had they been sitting in the house March 23, 2017 on Motion 103. April 3, please make sure you get out and vote. Make sure others like you who in your riding who want our country  get and and vote along side you.  Send Justin Trudeau and the Liberals a strong message! We do not want Sharia law in Canada! 

  • Calgary Heritage (Alberta)
  • Calgary Midnapore (Alberta)
  • Markham–Thornhill (Ontario)
  • Ottawa–Vanier (Ontario)
  • Saint-Laurent (Quebec)





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