More Albertans On Welfare





Rachel Notley and her wrecking crew say they’re making life better for Albertans but the Calgary Sun reported yesterday that there are more Albertans receiving welfare cheques today than in 2015 .  In fact  the number of those collecting welfare is now a whopping 54,374 recipents,  20,000 more than just two years ago when Notley’s wrecking crew assumed office.

Welfare claimants have gone skyward to 54,374 at the start of this year, around 20,000 higher than two years ago.

The line is going straight up and there’s no sign of a plateau.

We’re talking welfare, the last stop, where you go when you no longer have a job and you can’t find another job and the EI runs out and you’ve got no money coming in and you can depend only on yourself.

Is it any wonder with a lot of energy companies leaving Alberta going else where and also a lot of other businesses closing their doors?  The carbon tax, other tax hikes, minimum wage hikes and regulations that they’ve imposed all contribute to this dilemma.

Making life better for us they say? But then again math is hard for NDPers. They’re actually making it more difficult and expensive for businesses and individuals to survive and thrive. It seems like they’re living in some alternate universe and not in the real world. They don’t really understand what real Albertans are going through right now.

We used to have the Alberta advantage, well that’s gone now. Will they change course and bring at least some of that advantage back?  Nope,they have no sense of reality.  They’re stuck in their la la land with their pixey dust and unicorn reality.

We can only hope they get resoundly defeated in two years and that new government can fix all the damage and bring back the Alberta advantage. It can’t come soon enough for me!



Alberta Budget 2017

Well the NDP have released budget 2017. What to make of it? Rick Bell from Calgary Sun sums it up perfectly.

Derek Fildebrandt from the Wildrose’s response.

Here is Jason Kenny, candidate for leader the PC’s


We Are Now All “Sewer Rats”


If you’re an average everyday Albertan who like the way the province used to be before 2015, you are now a “Sewer Rat” according to the NDP.

This will help the NDP as much as it did when Hillary Clinton called regular Americans who were Trump supports ” deplorables.”  That sure turned out well for her now didn’t it?

I will wear the title of “Sewer Rat” as a badge of honour.

Make the Most of Your Time

The other day I heard a song on the radio by Canadian country music singer Dean Brody.  That song was called “Time”  It’s a song about how we put things off ignoring the real important things in our lives like spending more quality time with our friends and family, noticing that each day that goes by time vanishes before our very eyes. Then we wake up and realize it’s too late.  We take time for granted.

That song made me think of what’s happening today.  There are so many distractions.  Whether it’s our cell phones, social media, video games, television etc.  It’s so easy to set more important things aside like spending more quality time with friends and family, even neglecting our work I hate to say.

I’ve noticed especially when we’re on social media we tend to get caught up in it and before you know it, we’ve  have wasted valuable time.  I will admit I’m guilty of doing that.

We need to realize that each day that does go by we can’t get it back.   We can’t climb into a time machine,(at least not that I know of) to say last Wednesday and relive it.  It’s gone forever.

We need to assess how we spend our time, set priorities. Time is precious.  Let none of us have any regrets.  The song says it all.

Time lyrics

[Verse 1]
A gang of kids on our peddle bikes
In a dusty town, way to ride
To the general store for popeye cigarettes
Class of ’99
Yeah we lived, laughed, loved and cried
Took for granted that those days would never end
Living like that yearbook picture wouldn’t fade
And some standing right beside me, I might never see again

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrow’s always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time

[Verse 2]
Suit and tie, and a fancy job
Big old house, two car garage
He works hard for his wife and his son
An empty seat at t-ball games
It’s just a sacrifice he’ll make
He’ll make it up, next weekend comes along
Years go by and that day comes too soon
That boy goes off to college, and you stand in his empty room

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrow’s always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time

[Verse 3]
Shotgun shells and a tackle box
On the floorboard of a truck
Morning sun burning fog off a lake
Teenage girl with her grandad
He takes her fishing but he feels bad
That she can’t take her eyes off that ‘ol Facebook page
But someday soon, who knows how long
She’ll look up from that phone and he’ll be gone

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrow’s always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time
The trouble is you think you have time

Journalists In Bed With Government



More and more  the news media primarily in the mainstream media are not doing their jobs. They’re not reporting the real news.  They’ve been more into spinning or presenting “fake news.”  Rather than being scrutineers, they seem to be in bed with the politicians these days. Graham Thompson from the Edmonton Journal recently put out a great piece about how in Alberta here  journalists are spinning the news in order to get a job with the government.    If you click on the link, he explains in a video very simply what’s going on.

Forgive me if today’s column is a bit too much inside baseball.

It’s about press secretaries and how Alberta’s NDP government has gone on something of a hiring spree for spin doctors since winning the 2015 election.

My colleague Stuart Thomson wrote an interesting feature on the topic last Saturday, pointing out that a whack of the new press secretaries hired by the government are former journalists. There are almost a dozen.

You might not care. But you should.


Journalists are jumping to the government not because they suddenly have an urge to spin the news rather than report it, but because they need a job.

The number of journalists covering news has dropped alarmingly the past few years, not just at the Alberta legislature, but everywhere.

Because of declining revenue, news organizations are laying off workers or enticing them to retire early. That means fewer reporters covering stories, fewer cameras at news conferences, fewer journalists investigating issues.

And then there’s the whole optics thing.

I worry that people who think the Alberta media are too soft on the government will think the news media is little more than a farm team for the government.

No wonder we’re not getting truthful reporting. No wonder why we’re getting fake news.  I think you’re seeing this many other jurisdictions  not just in Alberta. Most journalists seem to lean left and are propaganda arms of governments of the left.  I see this happening federally as well.  I think some journalists there are auditioning for a seat in the Senate.  This is not good for government. It’s not good for democracy as a whole.  We need a truthful media with diverse views and opinions.

We need to hold our journalists to account and demand they report the news, all sides of the issues and not tailor their stories in order to get a cushy job in the government. Call them out.  Quit watching and listening to the mainstream media. Quit subscribing to their newspapers.  There are alternatives out there.  The Rebel Media is a good example.  They will delve into stories that the other media refuse to or just ignore.  Plus none of them are not vying for a position in government.  They are equal opportunists.  They are not afraid to scrutinize any politician no matter what political stripe. images-jpg45


Update: Micheal Den Tandt from The National Post has just joined the PMO. Cosy relationship between journalists and government?  I would say so.



Brian Jean In Favor of Uniting the Right





It looks like uniting the right in Alberta to defeat  the NDP in 2019 is closer to to happening.  Wildrose leader Brian Jean stated yesterday he was in favor of bringing the PC’s and the Wildrose together to form a new conservative party but with conditions in which I fully agree with. He says a majority of his party want unity so he’s on board.   PC leadership candidate Jason Kenny is also working on  the PC side to bring the two parties together.   Brian also indicated he would run to be leader of the new party.

Jean is now foursquare behind one united conservative party if Jason Kenney becomes leader of the Progressive Conservatives in March and comes knocking on Wildrose’s door.

Jean himself says a majority of his own party want unity. He is on board with unity.

In fact, Jean is so much for unity, he throws his hat in the ring for the top job of a united conservative party in a race he says will happen this summer.

That is, if Wildrosers approve a unity agreement with the PCs.

“Let me be clear on this point. I plan to be Alberta’s next premier,” says Jean, in a seven and a half minute video released Thursday.

He proposes conditions for unity.

The first is to “preserve Wildrose’s legal framework as the foundation for a single consolidated conservative party governed by the grassroots.”

Preserve Wildrose’s legal framework? It’s not quite clear what that means.

The province’s chief electoral officer says one option could be for one party to deregister or become inactive with its members joining the other party.

That party could then apply for a new name.

Kenney says he’s “not going to get into legal argy-bargy at this point.” The PCs haven’t even decided to come to the table yet.

Jean wants all members — Wildrose and PCs — to be respected as equals.

Members will decide the new name.

Jean says the leader of the new party must be in place by the fall.

Jean worries about Notley calling an early election while conservatives figure out how to be in one party again.

“Our party’s survival has been put at risk by that type of cynical and jaded politics in the past.”

The Wildrose leader says the new party “must be committed, firmly, to the principles and common sense policies that have driven the Wildrose party.”

You know, individual freedom, fiscal responsibility, religious and civil liberty, equality of opportunity …

There are certain things that have to happen before we see a new united conservative party in Alberta.

Jason Kenny needs to be elected leader of the PC’s

Both parties need hold a vote within the membership

If memberships from both parties are in favor of a merger, the process will begin to form this new party.

-both parties need to be dissolved

-founding principals, constitution needs to be figured out

-figuring out what happens to funds raised both within the Wildrose and PC’s

-a new name for the new party

-both leaders will step down from their respective parties and a new leader and executive etc. for the new party will be chosen

-and much more

So you can see there is much to be done before we have a new conservative party in Alberta in place.  If you are a conservative in Alberta you should get behind this merger so we can get rid of the Notley regime and their destructive policies totally destroy this province.

By the way, I think the name of the new party should be “The Conservative Party of Alberta.”  What do you think?  Just no progressive in the name.



Coal Phase Out Not Going to Help



The Fraser Institute just put out a report that I hope but  doubt it, that Rachel Notley listens to.  The report states that phasing out coal is not going help with emissions or health. In fact it won’t make a lick bit of difference because there is no such thing as dirty coal anymore.  There have been new technology that has actually been around for about 20 years.

Joining News Talk 770’s Rob Breakenridge on Tuesday, Ken Green, an environmental scientist and senior director of natural resource studies at the Fraser Institute, said the concept of ‘dirty coal’ is out of date.

“The technologies to burn coal pretty much cleanly have existed for 20 years,” Green said.

“Scrubbers and electrostatic precipitators, and things like that, have really taken the ‘dirty’ out of dirty coal.”

With Premier Notley’s phase out, Hanna Alberta, a small town of a population of 2700, will be hit hard.  Nearly 200 jobs will be lost.

A government-appointed panel created last September is expected to visit towns affected by the phase-out before the spring, but local Wildrose MLA Rick Strankman wants the Alberta government to host a town hall in Hanna.

“Its important that the people have sense of closure to what the government is going to bring forward,” he said.

Strankman said a meeting would help the province understand the impact of the loss of nearly 200 coal-related jobs.

This coal phase out doesn’t need to be. All of this is unnecessary. Jobs don’t need to be lost.  It’s just about Premier Notley and her wrecking crew and their ideology.  All this phasing out of plenty, cheap and readily available to be replaced with renewables.  The renewables are not cost efficient and are unreliable. The technology is not there.  They have to be subsidized by the taxpayer and  drive up the cost of running business putting hardworking people out of work.  This is ruining our economy for what?  For nothing really!  Just to make us all poor.

How about we start phasing Notley and her crew out of office?