Conservatives Have to Rally Behind the New Leader

The leadership race is now over, the new leader has been chosen. There are Conservative members out there who are not happy their candidate did not win. I’m one of them. I voted for Maxime Bernier. He lost just being edged out by Andrew Scheer. I thought Mad Max was going to win.  He didn’t.  Sure I was disappointed but only for a short time.  We have a new leader and we have to live with it.

Our country is going to hell in a hand basket very quickly with Justin Trudeau and Liberals in charge it’s not even funny.  We have big problems like debt and deficit, immigration and security issues, our freedom of speech is being eroded, families are suffering because of the cost of living with taxes being jacked up.  Andrew Scheer as our leader is our only hope to getting our country back on track.

I can get behind him because he believes in limited government, low taxes, keeping us safe, pipelines, and growing our economy to see that we prosper.

I know I don’t want another four years of Justin Trudeau.  Has and will continue to be a disaster for the country.  We conservatives need to get together, support our new leader and work towards winning the next election.  Don’t forget it’s just not the Liberals we’re fighting against, we also fighting against the biased lying media who will try to throw everything they can think of to tarnish Scheer so he doesn’t become our next PM. We have 2 1/2 years, seems like a long time but it’s really not. We’ve all had our little pity party now it’s time to get to work!  You want to win the next election or not?

Remember, a house divided against it’s self will not stand!


Alberta Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives Have a Tentative Deal

Jason Kenny, Leader of the Alberta Progressive Conservatives and Brian Jean Leader of the Wildrose Party announced yesterday a tentative deal to merge the two parties into one.  The name of the new party would be the United Conservatives.

Although it’s a positive move in Alberta politics, there is still plenty that needs to be done before we can be breath a sigh of relief.  The deal still has to be ratified by members of both parties with at least 75% approval.  That vote will take place in July.  They’ll need to establish an executive and constituency boards. Next  a leader will have to be chosen. The leader of the new party will chosen at a convention in October.  Then they come up with platform and find candidates all in time for the next election in 2019.  So there is still a lot of sausage that needs to be made.

I for one am pleased by this effort by Jason Kenny, Brian Jean and the committee who came up with this tentative deal.  It’s a good first step into getting rid of the destructive Rachel Notley and her NDP wrecking crew.  All conservative minded individuals should get on board and support this because without a united conservative party, the NDP will most likely get another term.  Think about that!


Which Conservative Leadership Candidate Do You Align Yourself With The Most?


As we are all well aware there is a Conservative leadership race going on right now and May 27 is the big day in which a new leader will be elected.

In the mean head on over to Poletical have some fun taking this quiz to see which candidate you agree with the most.  When I took this quiz I found I agreed with Maxime Bernier.  By the way he’s been my choice almost from the beginning of this race.

Justin Trudeau About to Change Parliamentary House Procedure

If you had any doubts about Justin Trudeau and his Liberals and their “Sunny Ways” this should seal the deal.  They have put out a white paper proposing changing House procedure. As Campbell Clark from the The Globe reports, the public needs to pay attention to this one. It would change the way laws are made, the way government is held to account etc. Friday sittings would be done away with. The PM would only be required to attend Question Period once a week.

The nitty-gritty details of the workings of Parliament are eye-glazingly dull, so most people quite rightly ignore them most of the time. But this is one occasion when Canadians should keep watch. The Liberal government has signalled they want to change the rules, extensively, quickly, and possibly without the consent of the other political parties in the House of Commons.

This is no small thing: It’s the way laws are made, governments scrutinized, and how much time and capacity will be given over to dissent, or to highlighting mistakes governments make. It is the rush, and the suggestion the Liberals will act unilaterally, that has the opposition’s backs up.

This comes from a Prime Minister and government who don’t like being held to account. That’s why he’s hardly in the House the way it is right now, always scooting off somewhere for photo-ops and selfies etc.  What you’re seeing here is basically creating somewhat of a dictatorship.  Where it’s Trudeau’s way or the highway. The rules and procedures have been there since the beginning.  It’s worked thus far.  Why mess with it?  Then again Trudeau did say he admired China’s dictatorship. He admired Fidel Castro so that says a lot about him.

We the people can do something about it.  Michelle Remple CPC MP has sponsored an petition that has been getting many signatures. It had garnered 14,ooo in just two days.  If you haven’t already you can go and sign it.   Tell your everyone you know. The petition will be open until July 21, 2017.

M103 is Passed, Now What?

Yesterday Motion 103, the anti-Islamophobia motion passed in the House of Commons 201-91. It was clearly against most Canadians wishes. What now? Listen to this response from Faith Goldy.


You can actually find out who voted for this travesty and who didn’t. One thing to note is Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister was too cowardly to show up.  If you go here you can see.

If they voted against M103 call them and thank them. If they in favor, call them and let them know you will be actively campaigning against them.  One thing to note two Conservative MPs voted on the yay side. Michael Chong and Bruce Stanton. By the way Michael Chong is one of the candidates in the Conservative leadership race to become leader. He is no conservative.  We must not allow him to take the reins of the party.

We may have lost this battle folks but it’s not over yet. We must keep fighting on.  We must keep the pressure on the MPs no matter what party. We must support MPs and candidates who are against the creeping sharia that seems to be happening in our great country.

There are five  by-elections coming up on April 3. By elections are generally low key and have very low turn out at the polls. With this vote, it’s important that you get involved and make sure the right candidate is elected into the House who will vote the will of the people. If you live in one of  these five ridings do some homework and find out how each of those candidates would have voted had they been sitting in the house March 23, 2017 on Motion 103. April 3, please make sure you get out and vote. Make sure others like you who in your riding who want our country  get and and vote along side you.  Send Justin Trudeau and the Liberals a strong message! We do not want Sharia law in Canada! 

  • Calgary Heritage (Alberta)
  • Calgary Midnapore (Alberta)
  • Markham–Thornhill (Ontario)
  • Ottawa–Vanier (Ontario)
  • Saint-Laurent (Quebec)




Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Vote


I’m sure everyone is aware by now there is a leadership race going on for the Conservative Party of Canada.  Day by day Trudeau is taking the country the wrong direction. Day by day we slowly losing our country.  This is a very important leadership race. We must choose the right leader who will defeat Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in 2019 and bring back what was good about Canada

There are 14 candidates on the list vying to become the next federal Conservative leader to replace Stephen Harper.  The vote to choose a new leader will be on May 27.

Here is what you should consider before voting. Examine each candidate closely.

  1. Are they a real conservative?  We don’t want any liberal lite or progressive.
  2. Will they put Canada and Canadians first?  Are they a globalist?
  3. Where do they stand on gun rights?
  4. Where do they stand on freedom of speech?
  5. Where do they stand on protecting our borders?
  6. Where do they stand on the military and our veterans?
  7. Do they support a carbon tax?
  8. Will they cut taxes, reduce red tape and regulations?
  9. Where are they on the size of government?
  10. Will they consider Balanced Budget legislation?
  11. Do they have plan to bring us back into balance and get rid of the debt?
  12. Will they consider allowing some private healthcare? Where exactly do they stand on healthcare?
  13. Where do they stand on equalization?

Here is the list of the candidates  to look at. If you don’t find the answer to any of the questions I listed above or if you have any questions of your own, contact them.

As I said at the beginning of this post, this is I would say one of the most important Conservative leadership campaigns ever.  This is our one shot, our one chance so we can take our country back. The next election will be the most important election in our country’s history.  If we don’t choose the right leader and don’t win the next election, we could lose our great country forever.

If you haven’t yet go buy a membership so you can have say to who our new leader will be. Tell your friends and neighbors who don’t like the direction that Justin Trudeau is taking this country and get them involved.  $15 is a small price to pay for to have say into what happens to the future of our country. You can also buy a membership from any of the candidates.  There’s not much time left.  The last day to buy a membership card is March 28.

This is our one last chance to save Canada!  Choose carefully!


Persecution of Christians in the Middle East

Persecution of Christians in the Middle East have been going on for a while now and it seems like no one cares, anyway no one in the main stream media or in the political class.

Christians are being murdered everyday. Girls and women are being used as sex slaves.  They have done nothing wrong. They are being persecuted just for being Christian.

Ezra Levant was given a Bible that ISIS tried to destroy. 

These Christians need our help.  Stay tuned to what Ezra has planned.

In the mean time contact your MP and demand they allow some of these Christian refugees (real refugees) come to Canada and find some peace. Justin Trudeau refuses to help these Christians by allowing them to come to Canada. Instead he favors Muslims. Our politicians need to be pressured.

The Christians also need our prayers. If you are a praying person, please include them in your prayers.  If you’re not a praying person, send them positive thoughts.

Let’s not forget these people. Let your friends and neighbors know what’s going on.  They deserve our help just like anyone else.