Friday Funnies, April Fools

Tomorrow is April Fools Day and we all like to play our pranks. Sometimes though these pranks can go horribly wrong. Have you ever had a prank that didn’t go exactly to plan? Or have you been the subject of prank gone wrong? Here some pranks that ended up not as intended. So be careful tomorrow as you proceed with your pranks.  Make sure they’re fun and no one gets hurt.

Have a fun April Fools Day tomorrow!



Friday Funnies – First Day of Spring

Well it looks like spring has finally sprung.  It offically arrived on Monday March 20.  I love spring, it’s one of my favorite times of the year.  The days are  longer, the sun warmer, and think about planting in your garden etc.  It’s a happy time. Here are a few spring memes I hope you enjoy.




Friday Funnies St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Hope you have the luck of the Irish today.  Have a great day!

Somewhere in a clover pasture on March 17th…

Kiss Me! I’m Irate!

No green food for me. I get enough of that from my own fridge.

It’s OK to pretend we’re Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. We pretend we’re GOOD on Christmas don’t we?


Will you be bringing noisemakers to the St. Patrick’s Day party? Or will you be hiring a sitter?

If you find a four leaf clover it means you have entirely too much time on your hands.

I actually saw a leprechaun once. After enough green beer, you see all kinds of stuff.

Friday Funnies, Snowflake Protest Edition

The last couple weeks since President Trump’s inauguration there has been a rash of protests the snowflakes from left. They’re acting like toddlers with temper tantrums.  Really they have proven they’re not really that smart as you can see below.