I’m Having Dental Surgery

A while back I started posting about my dental journey.  I said I would try and continue posting on a weekly basis about that.  I haven’t posted in a bit about that. I haven’t posted much about anything lately because since it’s springtime now I’ve been busy spring cleaning inside and out and getting my garden in.  I have most of my garden planted now and am ready to update you all as to what’s going on.

I’ve also been getting ready for my up coming surgery. I wanted to inform you all I will be having dental surgery on June 6. You heard that right, less than a month away.  Since I’m having IV sedation, I had to go to my doctor and get a physical done, blood work and the whole nine yards.

I will have have my top dental implants replaced then.  The first placement didn’t work out so well.  So we will try again.  The first set was placed in September 2015.  They didn’t integrate with the bone so my dentist had to remove them.  We had determined that the quality of the bone on top was the reason for the failure. It was a little too soft. Normally dental implants have a very high success rate.  The bottom implants were a huge success.  They were put in, in 2014.  This time he’s using a different kind of implant, one that is supposed to have a higher rate of success and integrate with bone better.  My dentist tells me he’s quite optimistic these ones will work out.  I hope he’s right.  Actually I’m quite optimistic too.  I know this may sound strange but I’m actually looking forward to my surgery.  This is not my first rodeo.  I know how to prepare, what to expect and what the post-op is like.  So I am excited.  What good does it do to be other than?

I don’t think much will happening until the big day although I do have an appointment on the 24th of this month just couple of weeks before the surgery so I will update to what went on there.  I will try and post as much as I can post-op to share the progress of my recovery.

I will try and post what I’ve been doing to prepare and hopefully on other topics as well until then when I get a chance.




The Crucifixion of Jesus from A Medical Perspective

Easter is upon us. Tomorrow is Good Friday when Christians celebrate and remember the death of Jesus Christ. He was in the grave for three days when He arose from the dead.  He paid the ultimate price for all of us but what was it like?  What did He go through?  A medical perspective from a real doctor gives us a glimpse into what Jesus went through. He performed the ultimate sacrifice so that we may live. He did so lovingly and willingly.   It makes you think that He loved us so much He suffered all that pain and agony for us. How can it not affect you?

You may enjoy this interview with Jim Caviezel who played Jesus in “The Passion of the Christ.” He also played John Reese in the recent TV hit, “Person of Interest.”

Is Conservatism the New Counter-Culture?

Paul Joseph Watson posted this video a couple months ago but I thought it’s so interesting I would post in my blog.  Take a look.




Even though you see all these young Social Justice Warriors protesting and rioting from time to time, it gives me hope to know that more and more are starting to come to their senses. I believe they’ve been tainted by their socialist teachers and professors in school teaching them not to think for themselves and that socialism is the cool thing and that they should have everything handed to them on silver platter instead of working hard and achieving their goals whatever that may be.

Hopefully one day we will see common sense rule the day again.

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Justin Trudeau About to Change Parliamentary House Procedure

If you had any doubts about Justin Trudeau and his Liberals and their “Sunny Ways” this should seal the deal.  They have put out a white paper proposing changing House procedure. As Campbell Clark from the The Globe reports, the public needs to pay attention to this one. It would change the way laws are made, the way government is held to account etc. Friday sittings would be done away with. The PM would only be required to attend Question Period once a week.

The nitty-gritty details of the workings of Parliament are eye-glazingly dull, so most people quite rightly ignore them most of the time. But this is one occasion when Canadians should keep watch. The Liberal government has signalled they want to change the rules, extensively, quickly, and possibly without the consent of the other political parties in the House of Commons.

This is no small thing: It’s the way laws are made, governments scrutinized, and how much time and capacity will be given over to dissent, or to highlighting mistakes governments make. It is the rush, and the suggestion the Liberals will act unilaterally, that has the opposition’s backs up.

This comes from a Prime Minister and government who don’t like being held to account. That’s why he’s hardly in the House the way it is right now, always scooting off somewhere for photo-ops and selfies etc.  What you’re seeing here is basically creating somewhat of a dictatorship.  Where it’s Trudeau’s way or the highway. The rules and procedures have been there since the beginning.  It’s worked thus far.  Why mess with it?  Then again Trudeau did say he admired China’s dictatorship. He admired Fidel Castro so that says a lot about him.

We the people can do something about it.  Michelle Remple CPC MP has sponsored an petition that has been getting many signatures. It had garnered 14,ooo in just two days.  If you haven’t already you can go and sign it.   Tell your everyone you know. The petition will be open until July 21, 2017.

Friday Funnies St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Hope you have the luck of the Irish today.  Have a great day!

Somewhere in a clover pasture on March 17th…

Kiss Me! I’m Irate!

No green food for me. I get enough of that from my own fridge.

It’s OK to pretend we’re Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. We pretend we’re GOOD on Christmas don’t we?


Will you be bringing noisemakers to the St. Patrick’s Day party? Or will you be hiring a sitter?

If you find a four leaf clover it means you have entirely too much time on your hands.

I actually saw a leprechaun once. After enough green beer, you see all kinds of stuff.

Make the Most of Your Time

The other day I heard a song on the radio by Canadian country music singer Dean Brody.  That song was called “Time”  It’s a song about how we put things off ignoring the real important things in our lives like spending more quality time with our friends and family, noticing that each day that goes by time vanishes before our very eyes. Then we wake up and realize it’s too late.  We take time for granted.

That song made me think of what’s happening today.  There are so many distractions.  Whether it’s our cell phones, social media, video games, television etc.  It’s so easy to set more important things aside like spending more quality time with friends and family, even neglecting our work I hate to say.

I’ve noticed especially when we’re on social media we tend to get caught up in it and before you know it, we’ve  have wasted valuable time.  I will admit I’m guilty of doing that.

We need to realize that each day that does go by we can’t get it back.   We can’t climb into a time machine,(at least not that I know of) to say last Wednesday and relive it.  It’s gone forever.

We need to assess how we spend our time, set priorities. Time is precious.  Let none of us have any regrets.  The song says it all.

Time lyrics

[Verse 1]
A gang of kids on our peddle bikes
In a dusty town, way to ride
To the general store for popeye cigarettes
Class of ’99
Yeah we lived, laughed, loved and cried
Took for granted that those days would never end
Living like that yearbook picture wouldn’t fade
And some standing right beside me, I might never see again

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrow’s always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time

[Verse 2]
Suit and tie, and a fancy job
Big old house, two car garage
He works hard for his wife and his son
An empty seat at t-ball games
It’s just a sacrifice he’ll make
He’ll make it up, next weekend comes along
Years go by and that day comes too soon
That boy goes off to college, and you stand in his empty room

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrow’s always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time

[Verse 3]
Shotgun shells and a tackle box
On the floorboard of a truck
Morning sun burning fog off a lake
Teenage girl with her grandad
He takes her fishing but he feels bad
That she can’t take her eyes off that ‘ol Facebook page
But someday soon, who knows how long
She’ll look up from that phone and he’ll be gone

The trouble is
You think you have time
You think tomorrow’s always coming down the line
And then one day
You wake up and you find
The trouble is you thought you had time
The trouble is you think you have time

Polls Are For Dogs!


“I’ve always been fond of dogs, and they are the one animal that knows the proper treatment to give to poles.” – From the great John G Diefenbaker 13th Prime Minister of Canada




When we see a political poll being reported in the Main Stream Media, we should take it like a grain of salt.  Why?  Because they’re generally skewed toward a certain result.  The media has an agenda and it’s usually against anything conservative.   Polls are not meant to reflect public opinion but are meant to drive public opinion.

During last year’s Presidential election in the US most polls had Hillary Clinton in the lead and predicted she would win.  We all know how that turned out.  The reason these media polls were so wrong is because they over sampled Democrats and under sampled Republicans and Independents thus the skewed results. The media is the US clearly supported Hillary. Also some of those polls I believe were probably “push polls.”  What is a push poll?

A push poll a seemingly unbiased survey that is actually conducted by supporters of a particular candidate that intends to disseminate negative or misleading information about an opponent. Its intent is primarily to distribute propaganda rather than to understand the views and opinions of the public


With Brexit, pollsters got it wrong. The polls consistently showed the remainers were in the lead but the day of the actual referendum, Brits voted to leave the EU.


In Canada the media polls are usually done by Liberal pollsters commissioned by the Liberal media party so of course the polls always favor Liberals over Conservatives. Conservatives are always underestimated come elections day.

Important things to remember about polls:

Margin of error. The lower the margin of error number the more accurate the poll.

Sample size. The fewer people sampled, the less the poll is accurate. Smaller sample sizes usually do not reflect the population at large.

The exact wording of the questions asked. If leading questions are asked, it could be a push poll.

Who are the pollsters actually taking to?  Demographics. Are they polling more women than men, maybe older people vs younger people?  All that needs to be taken into account when properly reading a poll and trying to get an accurate picture.

Timing.  Are pollsters calling during the day? Evening?  What days was the poll conducted? Was it on the week days or on the weekend? That plays into who they are going to survey.

Something else to consider is that when someone is polled, are they being honest with the pollster?  Some are actually afraid to tell the pollster how they will vote so they will lie.

You have to weigh all these factors when looking at a poll.

There are basically  three methods of polling in Canada

Direct calling

Numbers are randomly dialed within a given area code, and a live interviewer is on the other end of the line to conduct the poll. These interviewers follow a precise script to ensure that every call is conducted in the same manner.


Another method also uses the telephone, but instead of a live interviewer the call is automated. These are known as ‘robo-polls’. A recorded script is played, and respondents are asked to punch in their responses using the telephone keypad. Press 1 for Conservative, press 2 for Liberal, etc.

Internet polling

The last method that is becoming increasingly ubiquitous is via the internet. Polling firms assemble a panel of internet users, often numbering in the hundreds of thousands. These panelists can be recruited in various ways, including through internet advertisements and over the telephone.

Once the panel is built, pollsters then survey among the members of that panel, ensuring that those who complete the survey are broadly reflective of the target population.

The most accurate polling in politics is when each party conducts their own internal polls. Yeah, even they could be wrong but still they are the most accurate.  They usually poll more voters and ask more direct questions.

So have fun with the  polls but don’t take them seriously especially outside of an election cycle.  Remember a poll is just a snapshot in time.  You know what they say, “the only poll that counts is the one on voting day.”