Feminist Reality

Yesterday was International Womens Day.  Numerous rallies took place in various cities across the world.  It’s safe to say feminism has changed over the years. It started out with women fighting for the right to vote to true equality in the work place etc.  Now it seems to be about victim identity politics as Lauren Southern explains.



Friday Funnies, Snowflake Protest Edition

The last couple weeks since President Trump’s inauguration there has been a rash of protests the snowflakes from left. They’re acting like toddlers with temper tantrums.  Really they have proven they’re not really that smart as you can see below.

















Kellyanne Conway’s Trip to Canada Cancelled



Kellyanne Conway a close aide and campaign manager to Donald Trump was supposed to make a trip to Canada this week has been cancelled.  She was to tour the oilsands and speak at a  sold out business leader’s fundraising dinner.  It’s not really clear as to why she cancelled. It is too bad. It would have been great to hear from her. She very smart and articulate and played a big part in Trump’s victory.  I’m sure the fact that PM Selfie Trudeau not attending the inauguration didn’t help instead he’s sent Gerald Butts and Katie Telford, a couple of his morons to smooth things over.

I hope she’s able to make it at a future date.