Holy Week Chaos

Holy Week started yesterday with Palm Sunday.  It was the day in which Jesus Christ leading up to His death and resurrection entered the City of Jerusalem riding a donkey. Both adults and children a like waving palm branches praising Him shouting “Hosanna.” In the midst of Egyptian Christians were worshiping the day bombs were set off in two churches killing 44, leaving many injured leaving a lot chaos.  ISIS taking responsibility for the horrible massacre.

Survivors of the twin suicide bombings that targeted Coptic churches in Egypt Sunday, leaving 44 dead and more than 100 injured, described a scene panic and uncertainty immediately after the blasts.

The Palm Sunday bombings targeted worshippers celebrating the start of Holy Week. The first blast occurred at St. George Church in Tanta, which left 27 dead. The second was at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, which left 17 others dead, including three police officers.

What a horrendous thing to happen!  We must pray for those Christians in the middle east.  They are the ones who being targeted the most and persecuted.  We must wake our leaders up to make sure these Christians are protected.

If we are to bring refugees to the western nations, it should be Christians.  They are the ones in most danger.

Even though yesterday was a sad and horrific day, we should remember what they worshiping. They were worshiping Jesus Christ on His way to what would lead to His crucifixion and later His resurrection.

So as we remember our Lord Jesus Christ this week, we in the West need to thank God for our blessings. At ISIS has not targeted our churches yet. Let’s remember those Christians who died yesterday and pray for the protection loved ones. We should pray that this not happen again.




More Albertans On Welfare





Rachel Notley and her wrecking crew say they’re making life better for Albertans but the Calgary Sun reported yesterday that there are more Albertans receiving welfare cheques today than in 2015 .  In fact  the number of those collecting welfare is now a whopping 54,374 recipents,  20,000 more than just two years ago when Notley’s wrecking crew assumed office.

Welfare claimants have gone skyward to 54,374 at the start of this year, around 20,000 higher than two years ago.

The line is going straight up and there’s no sign of a plateau.

We’re talking welfare, the last stop, where you go when you no longer have a job and you can’t find another job and the EI runs out and you’ve got no money coming in and you can depend only on yourself.

Is it any wonder with a lot of energy companies leaving Alberta going else where and also a lot of other businesses closing their doors?  The carbon tax, other tax hikes, minimum wage hikes and regulations that they’ve imposed all contribute to this dilemma.

Making life better for us they say? But then again math is hard for NDPers. They’re actually making it more difficult and expensive for businesses and individuals to survive and thrive. It seems like they’re living in some alternate universe and not in the real world. They don’t really understand what real Albertans are going through right now.

We used to have the Alberta advantage, well that’s gone now. Will they change course and bring at least some of that advantage back?  Nope,they have no sense of reality.  They’re stuck in their la la land with their pixey dust and unicorn reality.

We can only hope they get resoundly defeated in two years and that new government can fix all the damage and bring back the Alberta advantage. It can’t come soon enough for me!


Is Conservatism the New Counter-Culture?

Paul Joseph Watson posted this video a couple months ago but I thought it’s so interesting I would post in my blog.  Take a look.




Even though you see all these young Social Justice Warriors protesting and rioting from time to time, it gives me hope to know that more and more are starting to come to their senses. I believe they’ve been tainted by their socialist teachers and professors in school teaching them not to think for themselves and that socialism is the cool thing and that they should have everything handed to them on silver platter instead of working hard and achieving their goals whatever that may be.

Hopefully one day we will see common sense rule the day again.

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Friday Funnies, April Fools

Tomorrow is April Fools Day and we all like to play our pranks. Sometimes though these pranks can go horribly wrong. Have you ever had a prank that didn’t go exactly to plan? Or have you been the subject of prank gone wrong? Here some pranks that ended up not as intended. So be careful tomorrow as you proceed with your pranks.  Make sure they’re fun and no one gets hurt.

Have a fun April Fools Day tomorrow!


Justin Trudeau About to Change Parliamentary House Procedure

If you had any doubts about Justin Trudeau and his Liberals and their “Sunny Ways” this should seal the deal.  They have put out a white paper proposing changing House procedure. As Campbell Clark from the The Globe reports, the public needs to pay attention to this one. It would change the way laws are made, the way government is held to account etc. Friday sittings would be done away with. The PM would only be required to attend Question Period once a week.

The nitty-gritty details of the workings of Parliament are eye-glazingly dull, so most people quite rightly ignore them most of the time. But this is one occasion when Canadians should keep watch. The Liberal government has signalled they want to change the rules, extensively, quickly, and possibly without the consent of the other political parties in the House of Commons.

This is no small thing: It’s the way laws are made, governments scrutinized, and how much time and capacity will be given over to dissent, or to highlighting mistakes governments make. It is the rush, and the suggestion the Liberals will act unilaterally, that has the opposition’s backs up.

This comes from a Prime Minister and government who don’t like being held to account. That’s why he’s hardly in the House the way it is right now, always scooting off somewhere for photo-ops and selfies etc.  What you’re seeing here is basically creating somewhat of a dictatorship.  Where it’s Trudeau’s way or the highway. The rules and procedures have been there since the beginning.  It’s worked thus far.  Why mess with it?  Then again Trudeau did say he admired China’s dictatorship. He admired Fidel Castro so that says a lot about him.

We the people can do something about it.  Michelle Remple CPC MP has sponsored an petition that has been getting many signatures. It had garnered 14,ooo in just two days.  If you haven’t already you can go and sign it.   Tell your everyone you know. The petition will be open until July 21, 2017.

Dental Journey PT. 1


I promised last week on my dental implant post I would start posting about my journey starting from the beginning.  This post goes into a little detail into my dental history.

I want to start out by saying my teeth were never that great as a kid.  They grew in rather crooked. I had been given tetracycline a few times which I was told much later on could have turned my teeth gray.   My parents took me to an orthodontist when I was about 12 yrs. old.  The orthodontist said I would need braces.  The price he quoted my parents about $1200. Doesn’t sound like much these days but back in the late sixties, early seventies, it was a quite a bit of money. We had no dental insurance at that time. It’s not that my parents didn’t have that kind of money but it was they were a little bit of tight wads and just didn’t want pay that kind money for any kind of dental work. So I didn’t get the braces I needed. They also never made sure I had regular dental check ups etc. and never enforced the rule of making sure I brushed my teeth everyday.

Even though I grew up on a farm and we had the best quality of food around because we grew our vegetables, raised our meat etc.  my Mom would make all these delicious sweet desserts and baked goods that I thoroughly enjoyed a lot of not thinking that down the road, all these sweets and not taking care of my teeth the way they should have been might have repercussions.

As I got older I started to get a little more diligent about brushing, flossing etc. Then when I had my first child, I wasn’t consuming the proper amount of calcium that a pregnant woman should have been consuming so the baby was leeching the excess calcium that was in my body without it being replaced.  Then when I went into labour, I very bad leg cramps and back labour.  That’s when obstetric nurses informed me that the baby while in utero  had taken a lot calcium out my body leaving me lacking in that department. So when I pregnant with my second, I was darned sure I took in plenty of calcium. My husband got me hooked on yogurt.  I wasn’t going to go through that again.

Shortly after I got married and had my first child, I went and visited the dentist in the little town I was living at.  My husband had insurance through his place of employment.   I was 22 at the time.  The dentist filled about a half a dozen cavities, some of which were pretty sizable.  He noticed too at the time my gums were not as firm and pink as they should be. He did no further examination, he just told me to drink more orange juice.

OK, what does having babies have to do with teeth?

We all know that calcium is one of the building blocks for strong healthy teeth and bones. The calcium that would normally go to my teeth to keep them strong weren’t getting what they needed.  It’s safe to say my teeth were never really the same after that. They weren’t as strong as they were before.

Shortly after my second child was born a couple years later, I took a trip back to the dentist.  He noticed my teeth weren’t as strong as the last time he saw me but he didn’t seem too concerned at the time.  He did though notice that my wisdom teeth were started to get a little crowded so he determined that I should have them extracted. So he booked me for two appointments.  He would do one side one appointment and the other side a couple weeks later.  The first time went fine. Everything came off without a hitch.  It was the second time that it was harder.  My dentist inserted the needle to freeze the remaining side.  First extraction that day went fine but  the last one however,didn’t go so fine. The freezing wore off so he tried freezing again waited, didn’t freeze so he tried again, didn’t freeze the second time, still didn’t freeze It was getting close to his lunch time, was in a hurray and wanted to leave so he pulled it anyway freezing or no freezing.  I have never been in so much agony in my life. Not before nor after.  I almost passed out.  I have given birth four times, that was a breeze in comparison even with the leg cramps with the first birth.

Let me tell you, that incident turned my off dentists for years.  For years I stayed as far away from a dentist as I could.  I know now I shouldn’t have waited so long.  There are plenty of dentists around and dentists are not all  created equal as with I found out with my current dentist. All I can say is, he’s fantastic.  With him the patient comes first so it wasn’t that bad getting back into that dental chair.

Next post will detail what finally led me to seek out a dentist once again after so many years.


Friday Funnies – First Day of Spring

Well it looks like spring has finally sprung.  It offically arrived on Monday March 20.  I love spring, it’s one of my favorite times of the year.  The days are  longer, the sun warmer, and think about planting in your garden etc.  It’s a happy time. Here are a few spring memes I hope you enjoy.