Holy Week Chaos

Holy Week started yesterday with Palm Sunday.  It was the day in which Jesus Christ leading up to His death and resurrection entered the City of Jerusalem riding a donkey. Both adults and children a like waving palm branches praising Him shouting “Hosanna.” In the midst of Egyptian Christians were worshiping the day bombs were set off in two churches killing 44, leaving many injured leaving a lot chaos.  ISIS taking responsibility for the horrible massacre.

Survivors of the twin suicide bombings that targeted Coptic churches in Egypt Sunday, leaving 44 dead and more than 100 injured, described a scene panic and uncertainty immediately after the blasts.

The Palm Sunday bombings targeted worshippers celebrating the start of Holy Week. The first blast occurred at St. George Church in Tanta, which left 27 dead. The second was at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Alexandria, which left 17 others dead, including three police officers.

What a horrendous thing to happen!  We must pray for those Christians in the middle east.  They are the ones who being targeted the most and persecuted.  We must wake our leaders up to make sure these Christians are protected.

If we are to bring refugees to the western nations, it should be Christians.  They are the ones in most danger.

Even though yesterday was a sad and horrific day, we should remember what they worshiping. They were worshiping Jesus Christ on His way to what would lead to His crucifixion and later His resurrection.

So as we remember our Lord Jesus Christ this week, we in the West need to thank God for our blessings. At ISIS has not targeted our churches yet. Let’s remember those Christians who died yesterday and pray for the protection loved ones. We should pray that this not happen again.




Persecution of Christians in the Middle East

Persecution of Christians in the Middle East have been going on for a while now and it seems like no one cares, anyway no one in the main stream media or in the political class.

Christians are being murdered everyday. Girls and women are being used as sex slaves.  They have done nothing wrong. They are being persecuted just for being Christian.

Ezra Levant was given a Bible that ISIS tried to destroy. 

These Christians need our help.  Stay tuned to what Ezra has planned.

In the mean time contact your MP and demand they allow some of these Christian refugees (real refugees) come to Canada and find some peace. Justin Trudeau refuses to help these Christians by allowing them to come to Canada. Instead he favors Muslims. Our politicians need to be pressured.

The Christians also need our prayers. If you are a praying person, please include them in your prayers.  If you’re not a praying person, send them positive thoughts.

Let’s not forget these people. Let your friends and neighbors know what’s going on.  They deserve our help just like anyone else.